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New Brunswick Historical Society Self-guided Walking Tour and Map


The Elmwood Cemetery Association and the New Brunswick Historical Society have produced a self-guided tour map of the cemetery. There are approximately 16,000 interments primarily from the 1870s through today.

The map will help you find some of the more colorful and interesting people resting here. If one takes the entire tour at a moderate pace, one can visit all the sites in approximately 3 to 3.5 hours. We have also broken the tour down into shorter walks targeted to specific areas of fame. These tours can be completed in 1 hour or less depending on the focus.

The families named in the tour brochure include Atkinson, Benedict, Bishop, Boyd, Campbell, Carpender, Cook, Demarest, Deshler, Florance, Geipel, Janeway, Janeway, Jarrard, Johnson, Kilmer, L’Hommdieu, Laurie, Ludlow, MacKinney, McIntosh, Merchant, Meyer, Onderdonk, Parker, Parsell, Pullen, Schenck, Strong, Susskind, Voorhees, Waldron, and Wolfe. The walking tour and map was made possible by a grant from the Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission, the Middles County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the New Jersey Historical Commission of the Department of State.

Download a copy of the map.

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