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For families choosing cremation, Elmwood Cemetery’s experienced and caring staff will help you plan the right ceremony to create a meaningful celebration to reflect the life of your loved one. A cremation committal ceremony may occur immediately after the funeral, or it may take place months, or even years after death, whenever the family is ready. By pre-planning, you and your family can decide on a gathering that best reflects your life. Having a permanent place to visit is an essential part of helping family and friends grieve.

The Memorial Garden

Elmwood Cemetery has recently opened The Memorial Garden, a permanent final home for cremation. The Memorial Garden is a woodland garden, landscaped with a dozen different perennials, flowering shrubs, and native oak trees; it is designed to work in harmony with nature requiring minimal maintenance. The garden is an affordable, eco-friendly cremation option offering above-ground niches that compliment the natural landscape.

Memorial Walk

Honor the memory of friends or family members who are buried elsewhere or whose cremains have been scattered by purchasing a commemorative brick which will be installed in the Memorial Walk. Bricks may be inscribed in memory of an individual or used as an opportunity to leave a blessing, prayer, or a loving, personal message. Visit our Memorial Walk page to learn more.

Memorial Patio and Benches

Three Memorial Patios adjoin the Memorial Walk and are nestled into the garden. Each patio is surrounded by evergreen shrubs and flowering ground cover and accommodates one bench which may be custom designed. Cremation Benches provide an elegant and very personal family memorial, a place for family to sit, visit, pray, and reflect for generations to come.

Urn Garden

Located in the oldest section of the cemetery amidst century old trees and beautiful statuary, Elmwood Cemetery Urn garden offers traditional, in-ground burial for those choosing cremation. Each grave is memorialized by a granite marker chosen by the family.

Full Graves

Elmwood allows cremated remains and casketed remains to be interred in the same grave. This option is available in full lots, half lots, and single graves throughout the cemetery. Graves may be purchased or already owned by the family.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a committal service.

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